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We are a trusted supplier of the highest QUALITY Cannabis Seeds.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online from our online seed superstore with over 100 seed banks including some of the best household names...

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When you order from our website you can do so with 100% confidence because we guarantee discretion, fast delivery (WORLDWIDE) and customer satisfaction. Click on shipping to discover what shipping options we offer or contact us to discuss personalised options.

Our Team ensure that when you buy cannabis seeds online it is SIMPLE and handled with a first class service.


marijuana seeds for sale


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Buy Marijuana Seeds Online from us and receive these Feminized Seeds…  

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is expected to be the fruitiest and sweetest indicas bred form greenhouse - we have Arjan's word on this.
The genetics of Bubba Kush are derived from famous Bubble gum and the legendary OG kush which explains why this can be nothing but the sweetest knockout you will ever experience. Boasting a respectable 9 week flowering cycle, this strain will appeal to both commercial and closet growers alike, she is a short and bushy plant with very little spacing between internodes helping to promote maximum bud sites. Leaves are described as darkish green and wide, bids are compact and dense.

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*If you’d prefer Regular/ Auto Seeds please email us or write a note in the address section when you checkout and we will send you another strain instead.

About Marijuana seeds

Marijuana seeds are often referred to as Weed Seeds, Pot Seeds and Cannabis Seeds as well as many other names, but what do you really need to know…

Marijuana seed strains – can be categorised into two main strains; cannabis Sativa strains which generally offer a more uplifting and euphoric high or cannabis Indica strains which like their smell, offer a stronger more heavy stoned feeling.

Buy Marijuana Seeds from the highest quality seed bank online with a top customer service thrown in for FREE. 

***Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds***

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are not controlled by the lighting. This means that, unlike regular cannabis seeds, auto-flowering seeds will start flowering after a certain period of time, regardless of whether you have switched the lighting to 12 hours on, 12 hours off or not. It is this quality that makes auto-flowering cannabis seeds ideal if you are a beginner and require a constant supply of marijuana.

Buy these auto-flowering marijuana seeds…

         auto bomb    pineapple express  

       Auto Pounder          Anesthesia            Auto Bomb      Pineapple Express


***Regular vs. Feminised Cannabis Seeds***

Regular Cannabis Seeds vs Feminised Cannabis Seeds You will find that Feminised seeds are more expensive than Regular seeds and this is because “Regular” cannabis seeds can generate both male and female plants, in various proportions depending on the growing conditions.
The male Marijuana plants produce pollen which pollinates the flowers of the female Marijuana plant, which once pollinated, produce seeds. If the female Marijuana plant isn’t pollinated by the male plant, the flower/buds continue to develop and produce THC. Male plants (which produce little THC themselves) should be eliminated before they shed pollen to prevent pollination.

It’s a bit of a gamble when buying Regular seeds so Female marijuana seeds have been created to satisfy the need to have only female plants out of the seeds you purchase.

Buy these Feminised marijuana seeds…


               Trans Siberian     Royal Purple Kush       Crimea Blue     Super Lemon Haze  

Buy these Regular marijuana seeds… 


                 Master Kush    HashWreck   BC Blueberry        Northern Lights


Marijuana Seeds for Sale

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